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We are experts in Oriental rug repairs, cleaning and restoration services.

Providing Quality Repair & Maintenance Services For Your Rugs


Though we want to keep our beautiful rugs looking their best for the longest time possible, it is in their nature to be subjected to natural wear and tear. Help your rug last longer by scheduling a repair or maintenance service with our experienced team today.


It is important to know which methods are the safest and most effective when cleaning an Oriental rug, as improper handling and cleaning can cause irreversible damage. For the best results, contact Pars Oriental Rug Company and benefit from a proper, experienced cleaning service.


Given its nature, wear and tear is natural for all floor coverings. Keep your Oriental rug looking and feeling its best by calling Pars Oriental Rug Company for services that will restore the original beauty and physical integrity of your floor covering.

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Employ the services of Pars Oriental Rug Company to keep your rug looking its best for the longest time available with our experienced repair and restoration expertise, as well as our professional cleaning services.

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